Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Reach Balance



According to the request of this competition I've tried to express the necessity and the importance of "to reach balance".
I have chosen two subjects and In between them a seesaw as graphic means for the Poster to express this notion. Balance can only be achieved by getting as close to each other as possible, or in the Poster's words - to the center of the seesaw. Reaching balance means getting closer, and that is our goal - namely increasing the chances to promote and to work for a better communication and understanding between people, between cultures.

As long as we learn to work with each other, to cooperate we'll have a better chance to achieve tranquility and Peace.
If we do not, we're always going to feel unstable from any point of view, emotionally, physically... ones you're up, ones you're down, exactly like you feel when you're on a SEESAW.

Noam schidlowsky