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Weaving the Nations

by shital gohil


Weaving the Nations

A Rapprochement of culture can bring about change. It can force us to rethink our lives and our relationships and lead us to adopt new outlooks or rethink the way we do things. While the world has been rocked by a deep recession, many have seen the flip-side of this crisis as one of opportunity; the chance to start over, or reset priorities, to take initiative to create some positive and meaningful change in their lives, big or small. In international relations a rapprochement is a re-establishment of cordial relations, as between two countries. In the political scene of an individual country rapprochement means the bringing together of diverse political factions. It also refers to a human development

National flag represent culture, society, traditions and many other aspects about the nation. Here have taken small step towards weaving all the national flags and make it one common flag for the earth. The flag has been intended to represent entire world in its wider sense.

Using all the national flags weaved them to connect and show the dilution of weaknesses and political fights. Here background kept white to spread peace and harmony.