Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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culture composit

by Francesca Agate

Society is composed of different ethnic groups which all contribute with a different identity to form a global culture.
Write the term "Civilization" in different colors and in different languages is a symbol of the identity of the individual, it is as the hinge for an intercultural society. It overlap and intertwining with the others written and all coexist together to achieve a single goal, "Cultures".
In this way the typeface becomes the protagonist who represents the individual, his tongue and its color. In French, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are transcribed the names of diverse cultures, intersecting each other in a representative manner.
The graphical representation of the written "Cultures" is voluntarily without contours how the objective to the lack of cultural boundaries .
We exist, we grow forever thanks to help's the others, it is the key to creating a wealth of knowledge is deeper and more robust in a position to found their bases in a cross-cultural collaboration.