Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Coming Full Circle

by Shakur

This design has several meanings. The central meaning and most easily identifiable is the coming together of different cultures, represented with various size circles in various colors that reach a center force and are swirled together. This swirl does not blend the colors together because it is the uniqueness and difference of these separate groups that makes the swirl more interesting.

The cultures are represented using circles because they are complete entities as they are, however, when they come together with the other circles, a larger circle is formed creating plurality, harmony and balance. The outer circle represents the world and the unity of all people as the circle is connected and is the container for the image.

The title for this image is “Coming Full Circle” because throughout history, cultures have tried this idea of rapprochement through exploration, trade, and the arts. Now for the year 2010, through discourse and collaboration, a comprehensive exchange between world cultures begins.

The images show the poster in full colors as well in black in white for flyers. The third image presents this design printed on an organic cotton white t-shirt.