Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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We All Cast A Shadow

by Scott Jobson


In this world there are a number of different cultures, all of which have their own unique beliefs and customs. In spite of this, every culture shares that same sense of pride and unity, the same intrinsic values that pull people together. My poster illustrates this with two people moving in there own direction but their shadows come together in a symbolic hand shake. Shadows are something we all have in common; we all cast a shadow on this earth. Each of our cultures has made an imprint into the history of our planet. Cultures overlap like the shadows of the image which means we can all related in someway to one another. I feel this overlap in ideals embodies the spirit of rapprochement. The three main dimensions of this brief are dialogue, mutual understanding, and cooperation. My design brings these points in focus with the two people of the image coming together with a handshake that encompasses these three important values.