Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by masa


Never before have we had so many means to get closer to other people, other cultures. The World is every time smaller, however, sometimes the distances seem to be larger and larger.

The poster made to celebrate the Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures emphasizes this need to communicate of the people, of the persons who are the pillars of the cultures, and the progress that means this rapprochement.

Per its composition, the poster draws the eyes of the onlooker with two aspects, on the one hand, the colour, playing with contrasts of cold and warm colours, and on the other hand the shape and the visual plays.

All the shapes of the poster are drawn with a same type of brushstroke. The brushstrokes of warm tones symbolize the persons, with their individualities, but who, together, make up a culture, rooted in the area where they live or where they come from. Different lands of origin are different cultures, represented by the two mountains of different tones. Mountains which are also faces, side by side, one next to the other, not confronted, not face to face, moving forward together. The brushstrokes of blue tones, symbolizing the same sky under which we all live together the human beings, are also the words; those words which are necessary for the communication, the understanding, the enrichment of the individual and the rapprochement of the cultures.