Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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2010 International Year of the Rapprochements of Cultures.

by Netta Yudkevich


The symbolic meaning of a dove in our culture is exceptionally eloquent. It speaks for itself.
Dove is a messenger. Before the modern world and technical revolution; before telegraphs, telephones and Internet; doves were used for communication proposes. At the time of war doves were carrying the messages from the battle field. The dove with a branch of olive means a special message – the war is over!
This image became a symbol of piece.
In the my poster I use this idea of a dove as messenger, which carries different plants that represent different nations, countries, continents. Most of these plants: olive and oak, ears of wheat, sakura and etc. are found on the national coat of arm. Maple leaf is a symbol of Canada. Lotus is a part of Indian culture. An ear of wheat is a part of an Israeli arm of coat. Those plants are symbolic by themselves. White doves going around the globe, carrying from one nation to another it’s special symbols is rapprochement of different people. Mixing the cultural diversity is possible to achieve unity, friendship, piece and to create One Humane Civilization.

Netta Yudkevich.