Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Gone with the Wind; the Wind of Rapprochement



Simple things around us hide major meanings! Following this simple truth, it’s easy to understand the abolition of barriers between cultures. If we simplify and decode this concept, it becomes clear that all things are potential elements for harmonious coexistence and cohesion. They are merely expressed in different manners, through tangible & intangible means.
The great question is how to achieve this connection… To work in this direction we must join forces. Is dialogue between cultures on one common line, one common direction, what we are looking for? Yes, this is our target!
This project aims to show in simple lines, through symbolism, the diversity of things: different colors, fabrics, patterns, sizes, etc. which appear balancing on a common line, a common background, a rope or a thread, form integral parts of ONE unity. Just as different clothes make the clothing of ONE person.
But in order to do that and to acquire the balance that we hope to achieve throughout the world, we need two conditions: the regularization of the background, the untangling of the thread which lies at our feet, before our eyes, so that we can place on that thread all objects from the basket and increase the communication between different regions, cultures, religions. The second condition for the implementation of this universal vision is the existence of a connecting element: UNESCO, which equally brings together these different notions, strengthening ties between people, nations & cultures, building bridges through this common line, through this thread! This thread is supporting & promoting diversity around the world, it is building the common framework for shared values while it fosters dialogue for sustainable development. It is in our hands not to sever this thread!