Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Clasped Hands

by Valerie Pettis


Clasped Hands expresses the true relationship between apparently disparate ethnicities, nations, and peoples. The montage of abstracted flag-like shapes are the sleeves from which a human hand emerges, each hand connecting with the hand of another, thus creating a continuous pattern of interlocking hands and sleeves. Though the sleeves are real enough (just as nation states, cultures, and geographical boundaries are quite real) they are not the focus of the fundamental motion: To Connect. Connection comes from the universal of the human hand itself, extended from a context of diversity. The intertwined hands and sleeves virtually define the interdependence of our world and the importance of reciprocal exchange and sharing. Dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation, the three main concepts of the "International Year of Rapprochement," are thus expressed, explored, and expanded in the Clasped Hands design.