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A Bright Future

by zane murray


Hope. That’s what I see when I look into the future. Hope for the world hope for people, for places, for the environment, hope that things are getting better and hope that we can make a difference.

A wise man once said “the future is a big place” and it is. We live in one of the most amazing times in history, never before have we as a world community had the opportunity to truly create our dreams. Technology is advancing, industry and manufacturing is improving, societies are working together, progressing, developing and evolving. It is a blur of wonder and amazement, a future which belongs to all of us.

This is what I see when I look into the future. A future so big so amazing that it is filled with an aura of unknown potential. I see a glowing, brilliant landscape rich with cultures and diverse people. I see the start of something better and I see a wonderful world, a world full of possibilities.