Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Entry by Peter Pagh

by Peter Pagh


What i did:

I brainstormed the words rapprochement, plurality and universality.

I found out there had to be a connection of contrasts.
And an expression of peace, unity and harmony.
By harmony, i mean the idea of a better future.
I decided to strive towards a positive kind of revolutionary emotion in the poster.
Keeping in mind to keep it strong, touching and simple.

From start i had the idea of two hands reaching out for eachother.
This is a symbol of humanity, helpfulness and friendship.
I made the skincolor of the two hands different, to symbolize intercultural rapprochement.

Early in the progress i wanted to use a globe in this work. It symbolizes mankind as one unity in coexistence.
It is placed above the hand with its palm facing upwards, to symbolize that the destiny of earth is in our hands.
This combined with the rapprochement expressed by the reaching hands, appeals to our co-responsibility of making the changes that we want in the world.

The white gradient from top left corner gives a heavenly sense to the poster.
The heavenly sense combined with the symbols of humanity, is revolving around universality.

The dove is defining the rapprochement as peaceful. Together with the 2 claws, it defines the shape of a heart. A dove also symbolize love.

Blended the french and spanish translations into the english text.

Available in 300 DPI A1 Format. Especially the hands looks very detailed on print.