Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

by Michal Trusz

Over the centuries, a man has created the great cultural diversity. This diversity is a testimony to the overwhelming richness of a human imagination. The world is filled with coulours, customs, rites, attires and thoughts. Ideas connected with the rapprochement of cultures from all over the world are most important as they provide the knowledge, they enrich and broaden the horizons of thoughts.
The presented poster aims at capturing the very core of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures in a symbolic way. Five colours symbolize five continents, bearing the idea of fully understanding cultures from the whole world. The ‘@’ symbol with two dots added is an image of a man who knows how to use the possibilities provided by the World Wide Web, owing to which we can, almost without any restrictions, acquire knowledge of the cultural searches and discoveries. After all, the awareness and understanding of the surrounding cultures is the first, most important step towards understanding the meaning of life.

The poster is available in six colours of a background, as they can be seen in the enclosed projects. However, it must always be present in five colouristic versions and the basic version (black and white symbol) placed next to each other, in this way symbolizing the inseparability of the world culture.