Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Human Rights Poster

by amandar6


This poster takes on the controversial issue of same-sex marriage and the fight for equal rights. I tried to convey this struggle and tension of the fight for same-sex marriage throughout my entire composition. I did this through the tension in the fist, the dark colors in the background, the bold san serif font, and through the extremely tight typographic layout. I make the fist the focal point, the first thing that one sees when their eyes graze the poster. The fist is symbolic of an issue of power. In this case it is the issue of power as it pertains to the power to love and the power for one to marry their partner if so desired. I chose to use a picture of a capitol building in the background to signify the government. I also made it subordinate to make a statement about how the fight portrayed by the fist will not be held down by the government, no matter how many times we are knocked down we keep getting up and fighting harder. Another aspect of symbolism used in this poster is the rainbow colored pillars in the front section of the capitol. The reason I chose to incorporate those colors there is because I wanted to show that we people are what hold and support our government. There are many more columns on this building, so not all colored with the rainbow because not all people are homosexual/bisexual,transgender, these people only make up a portion of the whole. I did however place them in the front position because marriage equality is one of the most central controversies between the government and the people. Also included in the background is the text of proposition 8.