Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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We Are All Human

by Naseem Rafiei


This poster seeks to communicate the idea of cultural unification through the use of one powerful image and one piece of simple text. The photograph of the hands signifies both a sense of humanity and the sensation of touch. Of the five senses, touch is inherent in all living things and allows us to connect with one another on a very primal and intimate level. Tilted forward in a receiving position, the hands are cupped, conveying a sense of trust and openness, indicating a vulnerable yet confident poise. On the hands, the colors of paint are those colors found in world flags. Paint was applied to the model and covers both hands entirely to intentionally hide the skin color of the model used, indicating that color does not matter, be it the color of your skin or the colors of your flag. Within the text, the word “human” is enclosed by white parentheses, which mimic the shape and color of the thumbs. The letters making up the word “human” are colored with hues represented in the hand photograph to unify the text with the image. The phrase as a whole acts as the hammer to the head of the nail, further driving home the point that color, be it of your skin or of your flag, is of no consequence. In the end, we are all human, and that is what is truly important.