Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by pifl

The aim of my posters is to express that dialogue among different cultures ,nations, ethnicities religions and also knowledge and education are essential for peace in the world which is a precondition for further development in all fields. In my first poster you can see two man climbing on a high mountain. Both are holding yellow balls that resemble sun, in each is placed a simbol of knowledge and education – a book. This means that knowledge and education are valuable and essential for understanding and respecting each other. Men are climbing a mountain which represents a hard but reachable goal – mutual respect and understanding . You can see that from their mouth are coming out hands that are shaking – it's a simbol they have found a way to lead a dialogue. They are colored differently but part of them is colored with a same color ( gray, texturized) – that means that no matter what rase,color, nation … we belong to , we have something in common- we are all human. The other picture shows also two men placed opposite and one of them is turned backwards – this means that they may have been situated in distant parts of world but they have also found a way to understand each other so they are shaking hands. I used common water color pen and wood color pen to make a part of this poster and the rest was worked on in computer programs such as Photoshop. I wanted this poster to radiate with optimism so I used serene and clear colors and I wanted to keep it simple so that simbols such as handshake an book would reach the viewer.