Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

peace building site

by pearlcommunications
Co-authors: Nadine Juergen


On our poster you see a big building site. Huge letters are to be set up, which create the word PEACE. A lot of humans are working hard to get it done. The humans on the poster are all looking the same, there are no differences visible. It was important to us to show the human race as a unit. Unless the external and cultural varieties, we are all human.
Peace isn’t something that is just there or can be taken for granted. Peace is something you have to work for. And peace can only be real if all nations work together.
So the idea of a peace building site came to our minds. The peace monument on our poster represents the global peace the world is longing for. The enormous size of the letters illustrates the importance and the dimension of the project “peace” as well as that worldwide peace can only be realized with continuously work and a lot of time.
Also the condition “peace” is something the world has to steadily work for to maintain it. Analog to a building, it has to be maintained frequently.
If you want put up something that big, organization, cooperation, consultation and logistics are indispensable. Furthermore you have to work with various materials from different countries of the world. If combined, you create a new aesthetic general picture.
The declaration is after all that we can only achieve peace with the collaboration of all nations. Everyone has to give a piece (“peace”) and there has to be acceptance and understanding.
The peace monument is not done yet, so our goal is not received jet. But the work is ongoing. This means there is hope of getting there someday.