Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Victor Manuel Barrera Rodriguez


Taking into account the competition theme, 2010 International Year of rapprochement of cultures , which seeks to promote better communication and understanding among all peoples and cultures; I made a graphic metaphor that makes no reference to race, creed or beliefs of different cultures, I´m simply showing all of us are human beings, and if we work together through dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation; we can develop mutually beneficial projects, hence arises the idea of taking as a design element the puzzle piece, which by itself is nothing more than a token, but when you begin to relate to another tab and this to another and another and so on in the search of a common goal, each tab becomes important and essential for reaching the goal.

The colors are primary colors, which I relate to different cultures and a secondary color that would be the cultures that have a mixture.

The poster has been reinforced with the words cooperation, dialogue and understanding that are the main dimensions for this rapprochement of cultures.