Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Peace and Rapprochement

by Salman Alhajri


Artist name: Salman Alhajri
Email address:
Post address: 31 Cleeve Mount, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 4SD, THE UK
Software used: Adobe Illustrator CS2, and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Explaining the creative reasoning of the art work: A peace dove flying gently above the globe which represents the entire world and all citizens, on the back of this globe there is a yellow rays glory which symbolize the sun of rapprochement shining for all nations. The text of “2010 International year for the rapprochement of cultures” is written as circling the globe to give more emphases for the entire composition. The background coloured by various shining colours to signify the hope, happiness, and passion towards peace that everybody in this world should and would dream. In the bottom of the design there are some Intersecting lines represents the various issues may concerns all people in the current time such as climate change, peace, rapprochement, and many other issues. Finally in the bottom of the design there is two hand shacked together tightly in the shape of pyramid which regards as a strongest composition in art and design theory. Those two hands represents cooperation between all nations and reflects a verity of ethnical background. The overview of the design confirm the idea that all people in this earth are human, share same values, earth, atmosphere, and same solar system, therefore they suppose to united and give more emphases towards the idea of rapprochement.

Colours and composition of the design: There is a harmony between all colours and much of them signify different meanings, these colours can easily attract the viewer's eyes. Gradient blue as a background has created a smooth and cold background, most colours of foreground are more strong and have high opacity , however, some of them are light such as the blue colour of the globe and white colour of the dove. The entire composition of the design is circle, and there is a balance between dark and lighten shapes, and between positive and negative spaces. The text has been coloured by black to be more readable and easy to comprehend form the background which has been coloured by blue that also convey the meaning of peace and growth. In the top left corner I have saved a place sized 9X9 CM where the official logos would be positioned.