Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Colored spots...

by Aleksandar Pedovic
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Always an interesting topic, “the confrontation of cultures” directs us towards interactive communication. Therefore, colorful circles – spheres have been used as the dominant design element, symbolizing diversity, position, and cultural heritage. The outlines of the circles – spheres are of different sizes – blurred, emphasizing the positive, civilized, and open attitude towards communication. In fact, the colors are somewhat mixed in places where they touch, which is the consequence of intensive cultural communication. The poster has three levels of information; the dominant layer has circles drawing attention of the beholder from afar. The multilingual title represents the secondary piece of information, and last but not least is the yellow window in the upper left angle for the official logo of the event, making it easy to spot in spite of its rather small size relative to the poster. It is possible to derive a quality animated video with spheres – circles slightly moving, changing place and color in a random mode…