Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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unesco - variety

by simonettar


This manifesto is obtained by using the letters that define the word UNESCO, but this happens through the use of characters that have accents or phonetic details and graphics typical of several languages. The colors recall those of the logo to be in harmony and the poster can have either a black or white background on which you have the letters.
The use of accented characters is a non-sense, in fact Unesco doesn’t need accents, but this unusual choice want to describe the linguistic and cultural diversity of peoples and nations that are represented by Unesco. Each accented character that had been agreed represents a specific geographic area, we found accents related to the German-speaking countries and more generally to the Nordic countries, Latin countries, or Slavic origin, etc. ...
The individual identity is important, but even more the variety itself becomes the unifying element and at the same time the identification and characterization of a broader identity.