Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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the beauty of our colors

by Heather Clark

For better or worse, cultural difference are often represented or thought of in terms of skin color. This poster attempts not to contradict the distinctness of skin colors throughout the world, the most obvious of cultural differences, but to illustrate that a variety of cultures and colors of experience can both stand out in distinction, while melding to become a beautiful and harmonious palette, eventually becoming indistinguishable yet layered and full of depth. The idea is not that cultures should be mashed together in one, gray, homogeneous and artificial category, but embraced in their various manifestations and with their varying idiosyncrasies. Difference does not preclude conflict; rather it is the suppression of diversity that causes strife. At the same time, all of the world's various cultures must come together and recognize interdependence if we are to ever achieve the world in which we all dream of living . This concept is tied up in the simple but profound Ghandi quote.