Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Romain Camenen


The poster focuses on the universal aspect of the message.

> Primarily "OK" is the most widespread word in the world, thus it's the one that best symbolises understanding, both in its meaning and notoriety.

> Then within the "O" letter (the circle symbolising loop, unity and balance) is represented the world we live in. Meaning that it could be self sufficient, unified and that this is pretty ok...
> If you decompose the "K" it's an arrow pointing backwards and "1", meaning that you can read backwards (like in other cultures, shifting point of views...) : results "10" as 2010 !
> You can also focus on "01" as digital binaries meaning that information is paramount (i.e. learning).

> The colours are black for the message, to be as universal as possible (so is the type : helvetica, most respected font for it's legiblity, so is the language). And then pink for the catchphrase to symbolise love, compassion, life and fun : the ingredients.

> The message summarises the all spirit of this year, meaning that one world together is possible without loosing the diversity of culture and the particularities or "nice imperfections" of its numerous citizens : the humans !

> The style of the writing is aimed to sound sympatic and demonstrate the tolerance that is required for all that to be possible.

Romain Camenen - 26-02-10