Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Make me smile

by yahalel


A poster that says to everyone in the world, don’t throw a punch throw a smile. Sometimes when you hear someone speak in a language that you don’t understand but somehow you know they are talking about something that interests you. You can guess if what they are saying about that particular subject is something negative or positive just by looking at the expressions on their faces. They might be saying that it’s going to rain and they look up sadly or that the sun is too bright and turn their heads away from it. But sometimes you can misinterpret what other people are saying just by looking at their face expressions.
The content of this poster expresses that making someone smile or smiling at someone will not cause a problem between people of different cultures. On the contrary, a smile says I won’t hurt you I want to be your friend. Even though we don’t speak all the languages in the planet we can safely assume that a person smiling at won’t hurt me. So this poster tells you to make someone smile by smiling, and assures you that your smile won’t be misinterpreted and it won’t cause any wars. Let your smile speak and change the square faces in the world.