Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Three wise attitude

by scrischavez

I believe that the world has been cracked by de lack of tolerance to cultural diversity witch has separated us as humans. Instead of tolerance and acceptance we’ve lived in reject and prejudice, instead of peace and love we’ve been in war and conflict.
But I also believe that in the past few years people has began to realize that in order to be strong we need to be united, and we are now fighting to achieve that. I think that we need to recognize the benefits and the richness of having a cultural diversity and the fact that we are all interconnected, we need to have dialogue and communication with one another so the humankind can attain progress and development. We also need to be proud of our cultural heritage and share mutual understanding.
The challenge that is in front of us is integrating different lifestyles, value systems, traditions and beliefs.
Through the composition of my poster I wanted to represent the struggle of accepting and integrating the cultural diversity of traditions, values and beliefs. That’s why I began with some fractured peaces of color that get integrated at the middle were three pictures represent the three principles that I think are key in order to achieve tolerance and peace: ability to see what is going on around us (eye), capacity of hearing what others think and believe (ear) and power of communication and free of speech (mouth).
My inspiration is the three wise monkeys that embody the proverbial principle of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. But I change it with the purpose of encourage tolerance in hearing, speaking and seeing our multicultural reality.