Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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The rapprochement of cultures : act as the current passes

by ONILLON anne-claire


A black background, because without language, without words, nothing exists. which animates the space of the poster, the colors and lights, these are the words in 6 languages of Unesco. These words mingle while remaining legible, because the specificities of each culture can live together while respecting their differences.. They appear like neon in the night. "I talk" and "I hear you" lead a dialogue, an otherness, an exchange, the familiarity of intimacy.

In this version, I emphasized "I speak" in the 6 languages that overlap their color and act as a node of electric current that sends signals (the title) to another, who receives the message . "response" form a single sentence, as the line of oscillations in heart rate.
Here, I insist on the side sound and music, is universal, and the image of electric current, which acts so opposites are related, the sign of relationships, life and understanding.