Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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A Dream

by Jose Carlos Pirralho


The concept of Rapprochement of Cultures is self-explanatory. However, the challenge of creating a visual expression of such a concept could be tackled in as many ways as there are differences to separate them.

Our approach was to use the fork sign which, since ancient times, has been the representation of Man. The sign has traveled well throughout the centuries and in its sophisticated graphic simplicity fits in perfectly in the spirit of modern design.

The next step was to translate the Rapprochement concept as from the individual representation. The use of the sign in the same size but in different colors around a stylized earth floating in the blue conveys the idea that, no matter how many differences there may be in Mankind – race, religion, color, education – we all share the same planet, the same fears of the unknown, the same wish to connect to a higher power and to leave a better world to our children.