Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by doom

I have submitted poster idea in which I tried to express intertwining and understanding through culture. A pieces of Art, as a product of culture, has only one goal, no matter the time and place of reproduction, political background and social differences. The work of Art speeks universal language which enables European to understand African Art and Asijatic to understand contemporary American Art. Work of Art speeks about ideas of human race and problems that are particular for human as social, intelectual and biological being.
There is actually sinergy that happens in culture that is so interesting and specific.
There are two intertwined components; a component of cultural diversity, style expression that is a product of social background, environment, time, local customs, and component of universality which, as integral part of each product of culture, enables comprehension and communication on a global level.
Culture is activity that serves as a communication between people without language and social barriers.
I have taken the whiteness of a sculpture stone as a characteristic example of neutrality that, on a figurative manner, can be replaced with each colour of human race.
Culture belongs to all mankind, she is particular, rich with diversity, but at the same time, close, intimate and acceptable, no matter where and when it was created.
Culture is connected with intelectual, spiritual part of human in society even when that society is completely oriented towards material goals. And when culture stops to be important in life of a man, it is a sign that man has lost a human and spiritual part.