Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by stanescu vlad


Cultures are represented by individual human shape in different colors which reflect their culture values. All together combine and connect in a zipper shape, while their colors get brighter. Paper cut human shape was chosen for the simplicity and universality. Zipper motif was chosen being one of the most usual way to put things together. The idea is that cultures and individuals who are messengers of the cultures are just individual entities and their true value comes when they approach, communicate and exchange values with other cultures. To mention that shapes have a different shade . On top they look like being incorporated in the background and on the bottom when they connect to the zipper shape they look like they are above the background creating the idea that each culture has its value but only through connection cohexistance and communication with other cultures will arise and gain value . The text for the title is also reflecting the diversity of cultures by different colors of the letters in the word CULTURE. Each letter as individual does not mean anything too much , but together they have a great meaning.