Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

jigsaw puzzle

by Jagoda


The poster addresses most aspects of which have been mentioned in the description of the contest.Jigsaw puzzle on which are words from the various fields of culture, and the names of the continents are connected into a coherent whole. Other specific puzzle, but the matching parts. This refers to the diversity of cultures of each country. The names of continents reflect the primary distribution of cultures, due to their geographical origin and raise the global scope of the topic. External puzzle are "connecting fragments," which symbolizes openness and the ability to make the next part. Three colorful puzzle with the word "cultures" as the first are noticed, while immediately known how the issue touches the poster. The word "different... but fits" describes everything that is contained in the above text. At the same time not too literal, and moves our imagination. Simple graphics make a poster that, in today's world of color ads, nonsofisticated color composition and form to be noticed by the recipient. I have used the font which is not quite standard but clear and tailored to the positive nature of the topic which is "the rapprochement of cultures."