Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Poster design for 2010, International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

by ong tou


This poster carries a sense of “harmony” and “peacefulness”. From the selection of the colour to the crafting of “each individual shape” the design connotes a strong sense of unity and harmony, the key factors to mutual understanding and cooperation.

The speech bubbles represents communications. The multiple speech bubbles represents the interaction amongst many and not mere monologues. Clearly, the design is to signify the ability to give equal opportunity to everyone to share their knowledge and experiences of believes, of history, of diversity and of differences ; in essence, of their Culture.

In exchange of such vast and rich exchange-of-information, rapprochement requires a key ingredient : RESPECT. It will not exists as a solo effort either. For that, the transparent feel and over-lapping speech bubbles signify :
- “Openness” in the ability to share and exchanging of cultures.
- “Clarity” when educating, sharing and exposing the world to each other’s fascinating cultures.
- “History”, how human kind are all connected to one another in many ways ; we intertwine.

The above ideals will then provide the framework for the building of commonly shared values, represented by the black and solid colour speech bubble – a united and respected statement welcome and honoured by all.