Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens!

by Amal Ma'ani-Hessari

A butterfly represent the fragile state of rebirth, the change that we are going through right now.
We have reached a stage in our development where we need to start to work together, creating a sense of unity and understanding. Living and relating to each other in a new harmonious way. “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”

One of the prerequisites for peace and tranquility in the world and the advancement of mankind is for the rulers and kings of the earth to consider ways and means that will lay the foundations for peace. Such a peace demands that the great powers should resolve their differences and become fully reconciled, for the sake and the tranquility of their people. Should any leader take up arms against another, all should unitedly arise and prevent him. If this is done, the nations of the world will no longer require any armaments, except for the purpose of preserving the security of their realms and of maintaining internal order within their territories.