Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Hopeful Expression

by tdmelchior
Co-authors: Brandon Sobiech

Enabling children to express themselves and reach for their dreams. This DREAM center logo is a symbol of expression and hope. With an upward reaching motion, the figure expresses the imaginative and uplifting qualities of Dancing, Reading, Expressing, Art, and Music.
The diversity of people around the globe, the breadth of areas in need of compassion and assistance, and the variability in programs and events, are all crucial to the functionality of the program. We have created flexibility in the logo to allow for this diversity by allowing the center stroke in the figure to be a variety of colors, expressing the unity and diversity of the DREAM center.
There are several layout options for the logo to allow for flexibility depending on the product or use. The graphic can be placed atop the DREAM Center typography forming a solid, balanced logo, aside it for a more linear format, and also as a standalone graphic symbol for certain graphics.