Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DREAM Center

by Allan Nacapuy

This logo symbolizes the concept of children looking out of a window from the DREAM Center and dreaming of a bright, successful future. The yellow crescent to the bottom left of the window represents a moon along with guidance from guardians/parents. It also gives a sense of protection and support, which is given from the DREAM center. Although the crescent is not placed inside the window, it dually serves as a shadow from a window, which balances the colors displayed in the logo. The concept's simplicity is still visible when shrunken down to minimal size and will work well on different mediums. The colors chosen are primary colors, working well with children. They are soothing and contrast enough to stand strong while in black and white. The font used brings a sense of joy, excitement and is catered towards children. The font also correlates to the symbol created and makes the overall composition a unique, sustainable and memorable logo.