Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by tiphaine massard
Co-authors: Léo Virieu Mandrelli

For the realisation of a logo for « Dream Center », I thaught of the world of children, and decided to make the logo have a side of happiness while it will remain serious.
In that way, I assembled two different typographic signs, the two points and the D to form a smile. That smile, warm and full of hope is the identity of that place.
The idea is to make the « Dream Center » smiling. It must be a happy place where children could discover and develop ways to express theirselves.
One of the different logotype is to show three signs that stare at eachother and smile to give the idea of center. Eatch one of these characters is in a primary color; so it gives the idea of drawing, painting, and, metaphorically, the diversity of people's skin in every country.
The typeface is a reworked version of the Ocra. A caracter that can be read by machines which makes him universal. Moreover, it takes us to the letters that can use the children. A simple regular and original type with which the idea of smiley works particularly.