Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Mr Yiorgos Bagakis

by whybe

My approach to the brief is focusing on the five words for which the anagram DREAM stands. I tried to create an iconic representation of these five areas of creative expression. One icon and one color for every word of the anagram.

I tried to create a flexible system which can be applied freely and expressively depending on the various environments and applications. The logo can be applied in color or just monochromatic. With the icons/symbols or just typographically. With or without the word CENTRE.
The typography is round, friendly and almost childish to simulate playfulness.

The last image of my presentation displays a more creative use of the various elements of the DREAM identity. Combining the symbols and the typographic elements I created new imagery and illustrations. Here the DREAM from just an anagram becomes a more "DREAMY" expression of the concept.