Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Day Dream Believer.

by William McLelland

Day dream believer, as I reflect upon my childhood growing up in Northern Ireland during the sixties and seventies. I recall a poignant moment in my life at the age 5/6 standing outside the Belfast Art College, later to become The University of Ulster.

With a strong love of drawing and painting I was in awe of the building and artwork. I remember making a bold statement to my mum and aunty that "I'm going to go there someday". It was sometime later that I saw my statement fulfilled by graduating with a BA Honors in Design.

I realize how strongly young children's lives can be affected by their circumstances and how important positive influences can have on their future development.

I wanted to capture the freedom of thought, hope and aspirations, with a bright, fun and friendly image.
One that would have a universal appeal both visually and verbally. Using rainbow colours and pictogram
typography to convey each of the separate elements that make up the DREAM programme.

The logo is created in vector format and can be reproduced any size and colour combination