Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by florian greimel

The butterfly as a very positive symbol for a creative idea given the space and liveliness to fly,
simply is a result of two children’s facial profiles put into a D for DREAM and a C for Center.

Using the children’s faces is based upon the thought that developing self confidence through art and creativity demands to be concerned with both oneself and others.
Hence it symbolises peaceful communication.

The light and airy writing emphasises the concept of the butterfly giving it the impulse to fly away at any moment.

I chose blue as logo colour, because according to new expert’s reports blue stimulates creativity and expression. In this case it is further a colour for dreams,
sky and easiness.

This logo is well suited for any kind of utilisation,
because it is simple and striking. I can imagine a nice logo animation with the butterfly flying around the writing ...