Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Childrens Dreams

by Nisha Patel

This logo at first glance seems quite fun, its colourful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It looks fun yet still looks professional which therefore would appeal to both target audiences, children and adults. The little children represent all types of religion and ethnicities all around the world allowing, who ever is looking at the logo to think that anyone could take part within a DREAM centre. This is also reflected in the use of a variety of colours that I have used. The colours are all primary colours that are easy on the eye, yet still catch the eye. The word DREAM is incorporated within each one of the five children, they represent individually all the different meanings of DREAM, Dance, Reading, Express, Art and Music. Yet are still all connected which is shown by the way the children are all holding hands. This also gives the impression of friendship and allows people to think that if they were to take part in a DREAM centre they also would be able to create friendships. The lettering of the word DREAM may be black but is held within a colourful background which allows it to still stand out and look exciting. Yet on the other hand the lettering for the word centre is black and underneath a bold line which separates it from the colourfulness of the logo. This therefore says that there is an aspect to fun incorporated within the DREAM centres but also a place where you can feel stay and feel as though you can rely on the people who go there. Also it’s situated at the bottom of the logo and underneath a bold logo to represent the foundation of the company and its organisations.