Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by Lisa Moss
Co-authors: Hayley Ho

This logo is inspired by a jigsaw – a playful and also educational toy, a symbol for putting the pieces back together and seeing something new.

The pieces resemble two children holding hands and the space in the centre between them is heart shaped and evokes the love, joy and centredness that will be generated through the creative activities and support given to children at DREAM centers.

‘DREAM’ is highlighted above ‘center’ with a bold capitalized font. The font is friendly but clear and easy to read.

The marque stands alone and could be used separately or with a different strap line if required. It can be used black and white, reversed out, and in a range of bright colours. Patterns could be applied instead of colour to suggest each of the elements of DREAM: dance, read, express, art, music. These could be used for labelling rooms and materials. Also the patterns could be combined, for example the music score could be combined with the Mondrian pattern to symbolise the fusion of music and art.

The logo also works in 3D, particularly useful for dynamic signs and other promotional material. To raise funds and awareness of DREAM center, many other products could be designed and sold based on the 3D version of the logo, for example jewellery, keyrings and perhaps even furniture!