Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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minds moove

by Henning Götz

I had created quite a few nice patterns and geometric configurations. I had worked with images of bright sunbeams around the letters of the anagram to evoke a positive image. I actually liked what I saw. When doodling on suddenly the arrangement appeared that I instantly decided to share here with you.

It shows a stunning simplicity. It works only with the material given. It does not add any content or interpretation. It creates a slight blurr between the letters when the brain tries to extract the two simple words „DREAM“ and „CENTER“.

It is fun to see how easy it should be, but how agitating it in fact is to do so. The terms are easy to differentiate as one term is written in filled capitals and the other one is white. To make it even easier, the letters of the two terms are not even of identical size - with „Center“ being a little smaller. The effekt stays even when different colors are applied.

It works with one of the most common fonts „Arial“ that is a standard on any (MS DOS) PC worldwide. Obviously this design can easily be transferred to any other print or electronic media.

It is not an illustration but more an observation - an experience of the mind and the visual senses.

With best regards and greetings to everyone,
Yours **