Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by Csaba Magyar

The concept of this DREAM Center logo is to represent the deeper meaning of the UNESCO program with a simple and recognizable mark.
The graphical element in the logo is the quad stripe, covering the logotype. Four stripes to avoid connecting the image to a flag where the tricolor is very common. Hence it does not refer to any country or religion.
Its colors are part of the color of the rainbow, making it slightly playful since the program is about children, but still serve a serious purpose.
The shape of the element symbolizes a shelter covering the logotype, emphasize the mission of taking care of underprivileged children, while also evoke the view of a landscape at sunrise, making it global and optimistic.
Tha shape is asymmetric to give some dynamism to the picture.
Logotype is clear, using two Linotype font faces (Gill Sans and Avenir). The word „center” is a medium bold typeface to represent the solid ground of the project, and „DREAM” has the most potential in the logo by placement and size, sending the word’s positive message.
A few examples for possible graphical variations: the stripes can represent the staves of musical notes for a music orientated event (using notes as extra graphics), or can look as painted (using paint brush as extra), or assembled from text lines.
Animated versions can also be implemented easily by movement, assembling or drawing of the stripes for example.
Attached images are the color, black and white, and enhanced color versions, latter is an example of special versions for digital media.