Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Arms WIde Open

by cpalmergreen

The logo is a result of detailed development from the initial idea of a tree that represents growth, like that of a child. It was decided that five leaves were too busy and took the focus away from the emotion being created by the charity. Therefore a simplified version was created from adapting the original idea but still keeping the
underlying meaning apparant.

The symbol used is the abstract style dancer opposed to other symbols, as it was the most appropriate and portrayed the best effect. Not only is it seen to be a
dancer, but the arms wide open give a welcoming feel that is approchable and friendly like that of the charity.

The two final colours chosen are purple and orange. Purple is associated with nobility and spirituality therefore creating a mysterious yet calming feel that is relaxing and intriguing. It is also seen as being delicate and therefore portraying the charities attributes.
Orange however is bright and vibrant, contrasting the purple. It denotes energy and warmth and aids stimulation of emothions. It is sociable in its meaning so fits with the DREAM centre’s purpose and activites.