Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Express your DREAM

by Valeria Milanese
Co-authors: Maurizia Carrera

Dream Center is a project turned to underprivileged children. Unesco wants to give serenity and lightheartedness own of childhood. Our logo represents these concepts, the colours are catchy, the shapes are playful, the meanings are important, vital and essential like the happiness of a child.
The spiral is the recurrent shape in initials of acronym, symbol of dynamism takes place towards the infinite, and determines its strength in expanding outside of itself. It draws the man in the middle of the cosmos, in search of himself, who lives his present and researches his future. The whole figure is based on the ambiguity and dichotomy, into the leftie version the spiral symbolizes the return to origins, to the womb and to the past; into the right-handed version it depicts the tension towards the future and the infinite cyclic. In our logo the spirals of dance, expression and music turn on the right because they are actions lived in the present, when they are made, they lean toward the future and they don’t contemplate the past. On the contrary the spirals of reading and art turn on the left because both are signs already drawn and then interpreted, read, lived by people that are not the author.
The colour red is associated with the dance as the more physical and earthly colour, it expresses passion and vigour. The yellow of the reading symbolizes the radiance from one point, in this case the radiance of knowledge and culture learned on the books. The green paints the expression of hope and renewal, is the immature stage of a person who begins to express itself. The blue is the colour of the immaterial and endless, the art has always been the human shape that people use to transcend to the eternal spirit. The music is purple because it is the colour which blends physical and ether, this form of art created by material means produces intangible sensations, we can hear the sound but we can’t touch or see it. Both purple and music symbolize an elegant seduction and a transformation.