Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Every Child Has A Dream

by Petra Kasa

This logo is based on the idea of the horn of plenty. In mythology it symbols abundance and fortune. The horn of plenty is usually filled with various fruits or flowers.

This logo consist of five different colours and five different size of components. Colours and components pictures the children. Some how they are all the same but also they have their own personalities.
I wanted to use this symbol the base on design because I think all the children has their own ability to express themselves in many various ways. This logo consist different colours and shapes just like the horn of plenty is fullfilled with various flowers or fruits. The shape of the logo is showing how children can come together in same place and be creative. The horn of plenty is like pulling them in and encourage them to spread their wings.

I wanted to bring in this design some energy, laughter and joy. I picked five colours to symbolize the word DREAM. I used the words which the word is based on. And I imagined what colours would symbol those words.

D is Dance. Dance is red. Red symbols energy.
R is Read. Read is yellow. It means joy and intelligence.
E is Express. Express is green. Green is colour of growth and balance.
A is Art. Art is violet. It symbols creativity.
M is Music. Music is blue. Blue is harmony.

There is also the colour black. Black is the colour which holds all it together. It symbols adults in this design. Adults are there for children to support and help them to reach their dreams.