Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DREAM center

by Arjun Singh

While making the logo, I thought of having a variable logo, replacing the letter with its meaning. For this I made a logo which would serves as the base for the variants.

The first image is the base logo, with the letter D making a happy child, for that is what the organization helps doing by equipping the children with the tools to express themselves.

The second image is of all the variants of the logo.
-The D is replaced by a girl who is dancing.
-The R is reading a book
-The E is jumping out of place and sticking out its tongue (for express)
-The A is replaced by a pencil, for art.
-The M is like a music note.

The third image is the black and white version for the logo and its variants.

The fourth image are logo application on stationary.
On the bottom are the front side of the business sides, and the back side would have the details of the person. The back side has two variations, in one which it is simple text and the other, in which the element from the logo is used. Above all of them is an option for the letterhead, and to the right of it, is the variations of the envelopes, using the logo.