Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DC smiling children

by Aggie Wnuk

Logo includes four important elements. At first, it is a combination of ā€žDCā€ letters which refers to the name of program ā€“ DREAM Center. Letters have an artistic shape like painted by brush. The second element are faces of children. Their smiling faces makes this logo positive and their skew to themselves makes this feeling strengthened. Faces and letters are painted, which symbolize arts. The last aspect is a blue color which signifies arts, culture. It is also a universal color in my opinion, with any reference to a particular country, region, culture, religion, the same as a picture of logo. Blue color symbolizes also the heaven, which means to achieve dreams, something divine and beautiful. All these elements show a main idea of DREAM Center ā€“ arts and culture program for children, which gives them a chance to achieve their dreams and realizing themselves.