Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by payam.ashja
Co-authors: Shirin Tabai

The power of art is to portray the world the way artist dreams, not the way it is.
Based on this belief, our logo is an abstract image of many UN logos. This logo depicts continents all together (not separated as it is now). They are united and alongside each other with the same and equal opportunity to express themselves. Eventually they come under a unique square symbolizing the whole world and also representing the shape of word D (DREAM).
Different colors in each continent show different people, children and cultures including many regions (squares) but all squares are the same, in other words, all the children of all regions and countries have the chance to express themselves.
If these colors combine with each other, we will have no border and no more regions and children of all around the world can dance, read, express, be artists and musicians.