Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Dream is Creativity

by Teeluck Sachin

The logo is all about making dreams becoming reality. First of all the word “DREAM” itself is in caps acting as the main objective of the organization , the second word “center” is acting as a backbone and support to the word “DREAM”.
The words DREAM CENTER, both are place to give the impression of being a bed on which children can rely and dream about their future. The lower part of the logo is the centre which resembles a bed.
We can see a child sleeping over the word “DREAM” and callouts coming out if his/her head.
The first bottom callout over the child is a small swoosh, which is incomplete. The second middle callout is complete but not so visible and the third callout is complete and very much visible. These three callouts shows an evolution in the child’s dream when being in the hands of DREAM CENTRE.
The color scheme is only two pantone flat colors. Orange symbolizes creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge. Blue symbolize protection, devotion, progress, betterment of humanity.