Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DREAM Center

by Krizia Flowers

The visual composition that this proposal represents to the image of "DREAM center" has been realized on the basis of colors, those symbolize the values that this center contributes to the cultural accomplishment of children.

The figure in yellow, does allusion to a comet and also the progress in talent, capacity and competitiveness that offers the above mentioned establishment; besides the illusion that symbolizes the fact of observing a comet and of making a wish.
The yellow color is used because represents happiness, joy, energy and intelligence that children will develope across their stay in the center.

To frame the comet, a square was in use in purple; referring to the creativity and wisdom that complement to the values mentioned previously. With a space in the top figuring the existence of a sky where the comet travels.

The typography was chosen because is easy to read and remember; it's color is in a greyish tonality that gives the dedication that the institution has.

With the basis before mentioned and the created figures, they have reached a way to create an efficient image for "DREAM center".