Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Dream & Center

by Gabriela Arias


The purpose of this logo is to transmit something positive, not really something specifc, but everything that's why there's ifferent colors on it, to represent diversity, and also to represent the 5 continents in this planet.

It's in an ascending form to make everyone always think positive,to go forward no matter what. The foms shown are not completely square, they have rounded corners to represent strong funds but at the same time a bit flexible since we are all different and we express ourselves differently.

The star in the last "rounded" square, it's an allusion to a shooting star, as most of us know, a shooting star, it's a fallen star, but the way i represent it here is in an ascending way, giving it a completely different meaning, if the shooting star (that falls) means sadness, defeated; an ascending star means success, happiness and going forward.

About the font used for this logo, i believe it's an appropiate font since just like the "rounded" squares used, the font is not completely square nor rounded, giving it a bit of flexibility and associating one with the other making it serious and friendly.